Stroll Down Memory Lane

On This Page, Memories From:

  • 2021-On
  • 2000-2020
  • 1981-2000
  • 1960-1980
  • Favorite TMR Hangouts
  • 1930-1959

               We invite you to send us photos that our members would find interesting and stir up some fond Scouting (Scouting, TMR, Suanhacky, Alpine…) memories.

2021- On (Surviving Covid)

2021 The newly renovated Tower of Friendship, we see a number of our Association members in attendance for the rededication.
Our members in attendance, (NM means non member) 
Left to Right (on left of Tower) Back Row: Jason Scheib, NM, Denis Sackett, NM, Kirk Henin, NM, NM, Anthony Zalak, NM, NM. Front Row (Left of Tower) NM, NM, NM, Henry ZalakPaul Lumpkin, Ronny Abuja, Frank Rickenbaugh.
(on right of Tower) Back Row:  Johannes Knoops, Ira Nagel, Mark Kleinberg, Steve Bonini, others are NM
Tower of Friendship how it looked from 1986 thru 2021 and the newly renovated Tower, restored to its original features, to allow the Scout Spirit flame to burn brightly.
Members of our Association who were featured at the 2021 Alumni Day at TMR were (L-R) Johannes Knoops, Chairman of the Event, Frank Rickenbaugh, recipient of the National Alumni Award, Anthony Zalak, Master of Ceremonies and Steve Benini.

The New Millenium 2000-2020

75th Anniversary of Suanhacky Lodge (2005) Believed to be the largest gathering of Suanhacky Chiefs. (l-r) Back: Franco Sagliocca, Richard Clausen, Steve Benini, Danny Halloran, Rob Koubek
Second Row: Keith Milau, Taso Diakovisillis, Rob Petrillo, Frank Gaynor, Michael Lectora, Denis Sackett, Norman Russakoff, Ed Pino, John Spero, Robert Brown
Association Luncheon, 2013, Honoring the final salute to Suanhacky Lodge. We honored past Lodge Advisors and Chiefs. Each was awarded a special pin for their service.
(L-R) Kevin Dolce (A), Frank Gaynor (C), Denis Sackett (C), John Pritchard (A), Steve Benini (C), Bill Keirnen (A), Norman Russakoff (C), Frank Janoscak (C), Ed Pno (C), Anthony Lectora (C), Rob Petrillo (C), Franco Sagliocca (C), Michael Lectora (A&C), Steve Bergman (C), Robert Brown, (C), John Spero (C), Richard Clausen (C).
2013 the Final Suanhacky Banquet, celebrating the Lodge’s 83rd year of service.
No party is complete, without the cake.
Members of the Suanhacky Campership Association join in the ‘Day One’ activities of the new NYC OA Lodge Kinteycoying April 2013.
Ol’ Timers of Suanhacky; Mark Kleinberg, Denis Sackett, Norm Russakoff, Steve Bergman at 2011 Association Luncheon.
TMR Alumni Day 2010, Mike Schulte, Jim McKay and Pat Streffacio recalling great memories of camp.
3 Wise Men of Queens solving the problems of the world, Tom Evans, George Cuhaj and John Pritchard.
2007 TMR 80th Anniversary
(l-r) Donal McCarthy, Denis Sackett, Guenther ‘Gunner’ Hecht, Mitch Morgenstern, Lance DePlante
2004 Association members painting our namesake Cabin at Alpine.
May 2012 Denis Sackett swears in Anthony Lectora, who will serve as the Final Chief of Suanhacky Lodge before it was merged into a new lodge.
Past Suanhacky Chief and member of our Board, Ed Pino in 1967 and again, 50 years later, 2017 posing in the classic TMR picture at Indian Cliffs. Was used as a postcard and template for many patches over the years. Ed never received any royalties though.
Mitch Morgenstern knows where Waldo is
Later Part of the Century


1992 annual BBQ chefs (L-R) Art Brace, Charlene Loiseau, Denis Sackett, Jim Tranchina, Paul Lumpkin, Bill Scheib, Mitch Morgenstern, Jason Scheib.
Some 1993 Suanhacky Leaders: (l-r) Rob Soel, Fran O’Connell, Mike Orlando, Reidan Cruz, Rob Koubek, Franco Sagliocca, holding up Waldo. All, except Waldo, had the honor of being a Vigil Chief of the Fire.
Some scenes from our 1993 Association Luncheon
Jack Kohler 50th Anniv in Scouting Dinner at Queens College, October 1982. Roy Kramer, Jack Kohler, Mitch Morgenstern present gift.
More than 300 Scouters and friends attended.
Brother Hugh Dymski, Mitch Morgenstern and Father Barry Frazzitta working registration at Honors weekend 1996
1990 Annual visit to Jack’s gravesite. Dennis Gaynor, Ben Breitung, Fr. Barry Frazzitta, Mitch Morgenstern, Roy Kramer, Jerry Reimer, Richie Cochran and Vito Vitiello.
Suanhacky Brothers in classic OA pose
Association 1989 Barbecue at Crystal Lake Family Cabins
1986 Ordeal Ceremony on Stag Hill
1988 NOAC: Univ of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
(l-r) George Cuhaj, Dick Cordes, John Pritchard, Dennis Gaynor, Art Brace, Roy Kramer, Robert Koubek, Ron Newsam.
Kneeling: Steve Benini, Frank Gaynor, Denis Sackett
1989 Original Heritage Society Plaque with 12 original inductees
George Cuhaj amd John Williamson at our 1987 Memorial Day BBQ at TMR discussing whether they prefer our hotdogs or hamburgers. They decided on both with a soda on the side.
1986, Suanhacky Brothers (Henry Joerz, Jess Burstein and others replace the Scout Bust atop the Tower of Friendship that had been destroyed by years of neglect and vandals.
August 1986, rededication of the Tower of Friendship after it had been repaired.
Johannes Knoops & Kevin Dolce enjoy one of our early barbecues on Honors Weekend at TMR
A great fund raiser has been raffle sales at our luncheons. Here are Ralph DeFalco, Art Brace, Gordon Bennett, Li’l Art Brace and Leona Knoops at the 1995 Luncheon buying and selling like there’s no tomorrow
Greg Hofer not sure which way is up at a Suanhacky event.
Ron Newsam presents a gift from Suanhacky Lodge to Jack Kohler, at 1982 Jack’s 50th year in Scouting Dinner

1989 Innagural Heritage induction at TMR HQ.
Denis Sackett, Dennis St. Jean, Mitch Morgenstern
Frank Imossi, Mitch Morgenstern, Ed Kruzik at 1990 Heritage Induction
Ron Newsam, Mitch Morgenstern 1991 Heritage Induction
The Jerry Reimer Canteen at Kunatah, named in memory of it’s best customer for decades and one of our Associations’ Charter Members. Building later moved to TMR Museum area.
The single largest Suanhacky Lodge induction: Memorial Day Weekend 1968 at Camp Keowa. More than 300 ordeal candidates, with in excess of 500 brothers in total attendance. Ed Pino as Allowat, presenting sashes and giving the handclasp.
Some of the Suanhacky Brothers giving service at the 1969 Honors weekend at Camp Keowa TMR: (if you can identify any of the unkown brothersw, please let us know) Top Row: Unk=unknown Unk, Denis Sackett, Unk, Unk, Paul Savage, Unk Middle Row: Roy Kramer, Unk, Unk, Ed Pino, Unk, Les Merker, Unk, Unk, Unk,UNk, Unk. Bottom Row: Eric Hertenstein, Norm Wieder, Paul Lumpkin, Unk, Unk, Unk, Neil Bookspan, Unk.

1969 Vigil public recognition. Bob McLaughlin, Paul Lumpkin, Mike Buchholz, Les Gold and Vigil Chief Les Merker.
Les Merker helping out with the induction ceremony, from under the table, 1968
Queens, Crossroads of the World! (then and now) 1964-65 World’s Fair Queens New York.
A library at TMR, (among other uses).
The old Scout Shop 1960’s-70’s in Manhattan that had campsite displays upstairs and on main floor great uniform deals.
1969 SCOUT-O-REE Campfire in Shea Stadium
We still have patch sets from that event for sale $1.00 each, how many you want?
1975 Suanhacky Lodge’s 45th Anniversary Banquet
(seated) Bill Scheib, Mitch Morgenstern, Frank Paceillo
(Standing) Russell Schilder, Denis Sackett, Larry Offsey (back), Jack Kohler, Paul Lumpkin, Frank Janoscak, Meteu, Les Merker, Gary Laermer, Randy Pretto, Bob McLoughlin, Lester Hockstein
Suanhacky Dance Team at 1964-65 Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadow Park
Bill Scheib, Paul Lumpkin and Mitch Morgenstern prepare for an OA ceremony.
1969 NYC Scout-O-Ree at Flushing Meadow Park, Troop 109 Queens.
Denis Sackett with Order of the Arrow Founder E. Urner Goodman. (Supposedly) discussing it being perfectly allright to wear a beaded OA sash at 1979 NOAC.
Blow Horn Rock (on Chappegat Hill) on road from Kunatah to Indian Cliffs
Kernochan Staff 1975, Mark Kleinberg Director
1976 Camp Kernochan Staff (Jack Kohler Director)
1977 Camp Keowa Staff (Jack Kohler Director)
Denis Sackett Jack Kohler prepare for Vigil Tapout 1979
1975 Queens Camping Committee at TMR
(L-R) Dick Wolff, Barry Magid, Eric Hertenstein, Frank Rickenbaugh, Norm Wieder, Jim Robertson, Jack Kohler, Bruce DeSandre, Roy Kramer. (Kneeling) Denis Sackett, Mike Goldberg
Troop 109 Queens at Kunatah waiting to take their dock test.
1976 Suanhacky Exec Bd BBQ: Jack Kohler, Larry Offsey, Frank Janoscak, Paul Lumpkin II
3 Foundations of Suanhacky Lodge and it’s Lodge House: Jack Kohler, Walter Engel and Joe Nuemann at 1970 Silver Beaver Dinner
March 1974 Suanhacky Lodge Training Conference with Na-Tsi-Hi Lodge. ( NTH= Na-Tsi-Hi Lodge #71 Member)
(L-R) Back Row: NTH, NTH, NTH, NTH, Mike Sender, Jack McArdle, Jerry Schiffer, Ken Tremain.
Second Row : NTH, NTH, Mark Antsel, Steve Meyer, Bill Scheib, Denis Sackett, Charlie Kralick, Paul Savage, George Pappas.
Sitting: N, Bruce DeSandre, Murray Dunn, Jack Kohler, Pierre Thyvaert, NTH.
Kneeling: Larry Schiffer, NTH, Paul Stahl, NTH, Barnaby Beagle, NTH. NTH.

1974 Lodge Training Conference Patch

Some Favorite Hang-Outs For Suanhacky Brothers & Queens Campers…

Wolfe’s Hillside Lounge,
a must for every staffman
Donut Farm, worth a hike from anywhere for the donuts, ice cream and chicken sandwiches.
Bakers, great burgers
and pizza
Nothing like a good corned beef or pastrmi on a night off in Monticello.
The Slide Farm, Louise & Roland Flora. No summer was complete without one of his home made carved slides
Wayne County Fair, a right of passage for any staffman.

The Early Years:

1930 thru 1959

SANITA HILLS SCOUT CAMP: Old trolley cars from thew city of New York were converted into cabins for Scout camping. Swing hammocks were the bunks. Originally a summer camp for mewmbers of the NYC Sanitation Department, hense the name ‘Sanita’, short for Sanitation.

1959 Catholic Retreat patch

NYC Mayor O’Dwyer Inducted into Suanhacky Lodge 1946
Welcome to Camp 1951
Staff participating in
the Camp Man Evening Retreat Ceremony, 1951
1952 Suanhacky Rit Team
Landship Amochol on Crystal Lake 1951
Opening Campfire
Stag Statue standing infront of Stag Hall 1948

The Years That Laid Our Foundation…

FDR Inducted into Suanhacky Lodge 1931
1951 Camp Staffers Bob Massard, Walter Engel, Phil (Petunia) Shiffman, Pop Drewes, Marty Surks, Jack Kohler, Perry King, Guenther Hecht (on floor)
Camp Lakeside Waterfront 1948
Camp Man Waterfront 1945
The LS Amochol
Donal McCarthy readies the Kernochan Cannon for the 5pm retreat
Suanhacky Stag Display inside Lakeside Dining Hall
Troop 42 Queens at Tower of Friendship 1958 (Scoutmaster Walter Engel, (second from left) one of the designers & builders of Suanhacky Lodge House).
The Tower of Friendship Then (1930-1975)
The Tower of Friendship Now
1950, Scout Lance DePlante (Rockaway) at his post on the SS Amachol. Gave him a taste of the military. After college in Oklahoma, Lance went onto a long career in the US Army, serving in Vietnam thru the Golf War.
1990 Lance DePlante, retired Colonel U.S. Army, still involved with Scouting in his home town in New Hampshire
Ordeal Ceremony circa 1947
Ten Miler River Map produced by Suanhacky Lodge
Camp Man Marching Band
Suanhacky Lodge Advisor 1949-1952 and Camp Man Director Louis Eberspeacher
Camp Man Staff Ready for Inspection at Assembly
Welcome to the Queens Camp Man at TMR
Stag Hill, looking towards Crystal Lake past the Tower of Friendship and Suanhacky Stag.
1956 Camp Man Staff
1952 Camp Man Staff
1951 Camp Man Staff
1950 Camp Man Staff
1944 Camp Man Staff
1939 Camp Man Staff (includes charter brothers of Suanhacky Lodge)
BSA Founder Daniel Carter Beard with Queens Scouts from Troop 1 Flushing, Troop 2 College Point and Troop 17 Elmhurst in 1929.