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The SUANHACKY CAMPERSHIP ASSOCIATION has sponsored numerous programs in addition to awarding hundreds of camperships to Scouts to attend summer camp. Below is just some basic information on these programs, both current and past. Please visit their individual pages where applicable, to obtain more in-depth information.

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We help send Scouts to camp!

Any active, registered Scout in a Queens unit can apply for financial assistance to go to Ten Mile River Scout Camp. Our campership committee will review applications to detrermine if a campership can be awarded and if so, the amount to be awarded.

One of the founding principles of our organization is to help Scouts from Queens to be able to afford at least one week away at the council summer camp, Ten Mile River. We coordinate with the Greater New York Council to review the applications of those requesting financial aid. We use the applications sent into GNYC to make our selections. Our criteria is the same as that of Council. We have a tiered system based on the applicant’s reported financial information, to determine the amount of the campership awarded. Since our inception in 1986, we have awarded more than 1300 camperships for TMR (and more recently include Alpine’s Cub World). Many of these Scouts may not have been able to get the camping experience, if not for the camperships we offered them. More than 95% of all funds raised go to our campership fund.

Association presents checks for maintenance of Cabin at Alpine and Suanhacky Lodge House at TMR.

Heritage Society

Check out the Heritage Society Page for further details and inductee Honor Roll List

2010 Heritage Society induction at TMR/Keowa
(L-R) John Pritchard, Gordon Bennett, Mitch Morgenstern, Al Kobe, Paul Lumpkin, Ed Pino, Ronny Abuja, Richard Cochran, kneeling Denis Sackett

In 1989, the Association created the HERITAGE SOCIETY as a way for people to honor, recognize and say thank you. The HERITAGE SOCIETY is an Honor Roll Plaque, that is on display at Alpine Scout Camp, New Jersey. Anyone can add a name to the Society Plaque. You can add your own name, a parent, a friend, troop, camp, co-worker, pack, anyone! It is a wonderful way to pay tribute and honor a person or group, or also memorialize someone. The plaque is a beautiful wooden base with brass engraved name plates placed on it. The roll call has grown, so there are now multiple plaques in Alpine. There is also a replica of the original plaque that hangs in the Ten Mile River Scout Camp Museum for viewing as well.


Check out Awards page for further details and Outstanding Scouter recipient list & pictures

Suanhacky Campership Association
Outstanding Scouter Award of Excellence

There are many unsung heroes among the numerous volunteers of Queens Council. The Association’s Outstanding Scouter Award of Excellence is bestowed upon those who, like Jack, have gone the extra mile for the Scouts of Queens. Presentations to awardees take place at our bi-annual luncheon.  See seperate page fopr those we have honored.


Check out Awards page for further details and Lifetime Achievement recipient list & pictures

Suanhacky Campership Association
Lifetime Achievement Award

We are indeed lucky to know of folks who give a great deal of service, time, effort and support beyond what many volunteers already do. These people have truly devoted decades to helping our Scouts. We recognize these astonishing people with our Lifetime Achievement recognition. See seperate page for those we have honored.


One of our association’s ‘donated’ cabin in honor of Suanhacky No Names at Camp Keowa.

Our Association has underwritten the cost of building new cabins at Ten Mile River as part of a program to replace the use 2-man tents. The Council is looking into the feasibility of these cabins versus tents for use at summer camp. We were able to name one in memory of Gordon Bennett (in Aquehonga) and in honor of the No-Names Cooking Crew (in Keowa).


This program was active from 1993-2015

Our friend, member, NYPD Officer
John Williamson,
killed in the line of duty.

John Williamson NOAC Scholarship : Every two years, the Order of the Arrow conducts a National Conference. This is an event where thousands of OA brothers get together for training, service, and fellowship. Our Association awards a scholarship to one youth from Kintecoying Lodge #4 (whose primary registration is a BSA Unit in Queens, NY) to assist in the cost of attending this event. This award was created in memory of one of our members, killed in the line of duty as a New York City Police Officer. John Williamson was a dedicated Scouter and member of our Association. He was a New York City Police Officer, who was unfortunately killed in the line of duty. John gave the ultimate sacrifice, protecting his community. Because of his devotion to training, a fund was established in his memory to assist Queens registered youth members of Kintecoying Lodge in affording the cost of the bi-annual National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). Prior to NOAC, we have a select committee that reviews OA brothers wishing to attend the Conference. One is selected to receive the scholarship to offset part of the cost of attending NOAC. We will continue to provide this scholarship for as long as the special funding is available in this account.


This program was active from 1987-2010

Kohler Cooks 1999 (L-R) Art Brace, Charlene Lousieu, Denis Sackett, Jim Tranchina, Paul Lumpkin, Bill Scheib, Mitch Morgenstern, Jason Scheib.

One of the founding principles of our organization, is we wanted to be an association filled with fellowship and feel good events. From the start, we were able to achieve this by way of our annual Barbecue held on the Suanhacky Lodge Memorial Weekend Honors Weekend. The barbecue that we hosted, free of charge for all our members was held from 1987 thru 2009.  Over that 22 year tenure, we served thousands of hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, and at times, chile, chocolate chip cookies and lots of pickles. 

It was an annual delight for all. Eventually, changes in how the weekend was conducted, made it no longer feesible for us to continue and with much hesitation we stopped the affair after the 2009 weekend.  Many have fond memories of lots of clowning around, good food and good cheer.


Chapel at Alpine :The Association was proud to contribute to Suanhacky Lodge’s project to erect a lasting memorial to one of our founding members Fr. Barry Frazzitta. We also had members supply labor as well as finances.

Father Barry Chapel at Camp Alpine, underwritten in part by our Association

The Suanhacky Lodge planning committee for the Chapel was quite grateful to those who gave so much, both financially and in many hours of cheerful service over the 6 years it took to complete this project of love.

Don’t forget whenever you are at Alpine stop at the chapel, say a prayer, meditate and help by making sure this area is trash crashed and in good order for everyone to enjoy.


In 2007 Greater New York Councils, in recognition of our Associations’ hard work and dedication to helping promote Scout camping, officially renamed the cabin at Camp Alpine in the name of our organization. For years prior to the naming, our Association has sponsored the maintenance of one of the cabins at Alpine Scout Camp. Our cabin is just across from the Dining Hall, down the hill from Reeves Lodge. The cabin is available for any unit to rent for a campout, same as any other faculity at Camp Alpine.

Suanhacky Campership Association Cabin
at Camp Alpine
September 2007, Cabin dedication (L-R) Henry Zalak, Tom Reilly, Anthony Zalak, Fred Gervat, Rich Cochran, Art Brace, Ed Pino, Denis Sackett, Elizabeth Figuroa, Dennis Gaynor, Mitch Morgenstern, Gordon Bennett, Bruce Cobern, Paul Lumpkin.

Arthur H. Brace Award for Outstanding Camping

This program was active from 2018-2020

Our organization had created an award  prize for a Queens Unit that  fulfilled certain camping requirements. Named in memory of one of our members who served as a longtime campmaster and Camping Committee member.

Art Brace, ‘Crazy Camper’


In 2008, members of the association asked to do something to help remember and commemorate the site of old Camp Man, the site of the Queens Council camp and birthplace of Suanhacky Lodge. A seperate fund campaign was started for that express purpose and we proudly unvieled the new sign & map on Memorial Weekend 2009.

Denis Sackett with Pierre Thyvaert at the
dedication of the Camp Man
sign and map, May 2009.


Our Association was enshrined on the TMR Wall of Fame
(second row from top, far left).



This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kohler-patch.jpg Jack Kohler Campership Association Member Patch 1986This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tribute-patch.jpg
Suanhacky Lodge Tribute flap 2013
We issued in coordination with the Lodge, as a thank you to our beloved Suanhacky Lodge and welcome to the new one, Kinteycoying.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.pngI’m A Kohler Camper Award
AQssociation awarded to Scouts who completed specific camping requirements 1987-1997
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kohler-vigil-patches.jpgVigil Recognition & Appreciation patches the Association gave presented at Suanhacky Vigil Breakfast 2010 as a thank you to the hard work of the Vigil brothers of Suanhacky. (Red for all Vigil, Yellow for those Vigil more than 25 years.


Issued by GNYC for our 20th Anniversary, given to all members of the Association.
Red= All Members
Gold= Lifetime
Silver = Directors
White= Eagle Scouts

KOHLER-KON 2007-2012

This program was active from 2007-2012

We were always looking for unique ideas on how to raise funds for our Camperships. We also doid not want to hit the same people over and over. A big annual event was Comic-Con, where people into comic books, sci-fi, movies, music and all sorts of memorabellia, would gather for an opportunity to buy and sell there hobby items. Two of our members, Tom and his wife Monica Evans, would attend Comic-Con every year and suggested that we run something similar, on a smaller scale as a fund raiser. In October 2007, Tom and Monica organized the first of 5 annual  Kohler-Kons and had great success in bringing in new people and monies for our camperships. The Evan’s did a great job and helped many Scouts get to camp.


This program was active from 1986-2012

Early Versions of I’m A Kohler Camper Award patch.