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Our 2023 campership awards have all been allocated for the 2023 Summer Camp Season. We have increase the amount of funds we give by 33% over last summer. We hope every Scout gets a chance to enjoy TMR. Please note that if you have a Scout that is still in need of some financial assistance in order to go to camp, send us a note/email with the information and we’ll put them on a waiting list should any funding become available

Our Association has increased the amount of dollars we will be awarding for the 2023 Camping Season by 33%.

Suanhacky Campership Association
Apt 2-A 64-34 99th Street
Rego Park, N.Y. 11374



Our Association’s Newsletter

Feel free to click on and read a selection of our older issues from the past. If there are issues not here you would like, please reach out to us and let us know.

2021 TMR Reunion; Though the total number attending was low, the Suanhacky Campership Association was a very large percentage of those who did attend. In this photo at the newly renovated Tower of Friendship, we see a number of our own.
Our members in attendance, (NM means non member) 
Left to Right (on left of Tower) Back Row: Jason Scheib, NM, Denis Sackett, NM, Kirk Henin, NM, NM, Anthony Zalak, NM, NM. Front Row (Left of Tower) NM, NM, NM, Henry ZalakPaul Lumpkin, Ronny Abuja, Frank Rickenbaugh.
(on right of Tower) Back Row:  Johannes Knoops, Ira Nagel, Mark Kleinberg, Steve Bonini, others are NM.


The old ‘B’ Shelter at Alpine, was renamed in 2007 in honor of our organization and has again been renamed to coincide with our new name: Suanhacky Campership Association Cabin

Watch this space for other updates concerning our Association.

COVID: A Long Strange Trip…… far!

We have all been impacted by events beyond our control.  Hopefully, anything that may have happened to you or your loved ones, can be remedied quickly and easily. As things begin to look to be improving, we still must remember to be smart and safe.  With that in mind, do your patriotic and Intelligent responsibility and wear a mask (whether it is ours or any) in any instance that mask are required.

Stay happy and healthy. Please be smart and stay safe.

Were you at these events….

WNBC-TV News Anchor, Eagle Scout, Michael Gargiulo, our guest speaker at the 2009 Luncheon. He is an Eagle Scout and TMR Camper.
Queens Eagle Scout, Hon. Michael Soriano, Mayor of Parsippany, N.J as guest speaker at our 2019 luncheon.

Tower of Friendship atop Stag Hill ceremony 1954
Queens CSP 1950’s-1970’s
Worlds Fair Unisphere: Queens Logo
Indian Cliffs, overlooking the Delaware River.