Suanhacky Campership Association
Apt 2-A 64-34 99th Street

Rego Park, N.Y. 11374

The Suanhacky Campership Association is a completely volunteer organization. We raise funds thru the help of our members and friends to work towards our goal of ‘Helping Make Every Scout A Camper‘.

We sincerely hope that you can help us in one form or another to continue helping Scouts get that TEN MILE RIVER experience as so many have enjoyed in the past. A short stay at T.M.R. can mean so much in a young Scout’s life, Won’t you please help us, help those Scouts get a TMR experience? If you’ve spent time at T.M.R., you’ll understand.

The Suanhacky Campership Association is a recognized non-profit organization, by both the IRS and NY State.

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Ways of Giving & Supporting:

Special Occasion Giving

Special Occasion Giving & Commemorative Donations: We accept donations to honor, and/or memorialize people. When we receive such a donation, a letter is sent out informing a family of a donation that has been made in that person’s name, and by whom. This is a wonderful way to remember, or thank a person whether within, or out of scouting.

Tower of Freindship 1960’s Postcard


Membership: Membership in the association is open to all. There are no membership restrictions (based on age, sex…). Scouting affiliation is not required for membership in the association, just a belief in the Scout principles, Oath and Law. Membership is by individual and/or family (including children under 21).

Joining Our Associaton: Membership in the Jack Kohler-Suanhacky Campership Association is a key factor for our organization. It is a source of fundraising, a way for us to know who has the same spirit about scout camping that we do, allows us to keep members abreast of goings on in our group as well as Scouting in general and a way to show support.

Membership is open to anyone who believes in our mission to make every scout a camper. Male or female, young or mature, former scout or never a scout, love Queens, N.Y. or never heard of it. There is no membership criteria other than a belief in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law.

We offfer membership in 3 different tenure lengths. 1 year, 3 year or Lifetime. Membership in the Association cost only a modest fee in any term of length.:

  • One year membership – $10 contribution
  • Three year membership – $25 contribution
  • Lifetime Membership – $150 contribution

To apply for membership via US mail: Suanhacky Campership Assoc. Apt 2-A 64-34 99th Street Rego Park, N.Y. 11374


Heritage Society

Heritage Society: On display in the Headquarters Camp Alpine in NJ, the Association has a multifaceted plaque honoring those that have helped make the Scouting program an enriching environment for young Scouts. Currently more than 180 names on display, this plaque is a beautiful way to enshrine a person, place or event. Your troop, co-worker, scoutmaster, parent can all have their nameplate put on here for all to see. A minimum donation of $150 will allow us to add the name and phrase on this plaque (ie: Joe Smith – Scoutmaster Troop 324; Mary Jones – Scouting Mom; Al Klein – A friend of Alpine). You can contact us for more information, or see the Heritage page on this site.



Memorabilia Sales: A major way we raise our campership funds is by selling old scout patches and memorabilia that have been donated to us. A simple little patch, collecting dust in your drawer can get us $5, $10, $50, even as much as $100 if it is one that some collector wants and needs. Scout camp patches, O.A. patches, rank badges, pins, old merit badges, all can be converted into a weeks’ stay at T.M.R. for some Scout. You can be a buyer of our wares as well as donate some of your items for others to purchase from us. If you request, we can furnish a tax letter for donated memorabilia. In addition to memorabilia, the Association also sells original products that we have specifically created.

Still other Ways to Help:

United Way :

The Kohler-Suanhacky Association is part of United Way contributions. If you participate at work, please designate the Kohler Association #012596.

Tell A Friend :

We have gained many members by word of mouth. There are many folks who may never have had, or no longer have an association with Scouting, or belong to a unit, but still appreciate what Scouting does for youth and the opportunity to be in the great outdoors. Many of opur members are like that and have joined our ranks, just to support our efforts. Tell your friends about who we are ands what we do.