You too can Honor a Person, or Group on the Heritage Society

What is Heritage? It is defined as: Those features belonging to the culture of a particular society or group, such as traditionscustoms, or beliefs, which come from the past and are still important.  “Heritage” refers to events, processes or persons that have a special meaning in group memory.


Balfour Abrams Scoutmaster1998 
Ronny S. AlbujaLead, Follow or Get Out of the Way2010 
Barbara Ashman Scoutmaster Troop 82 –  The Heart & Soul of Tomahawk2008*
Ezio BeniniEagle Scouts Dad2017*
Steven BeniniSuanhacky Lodge Chief       1988-19892015 
Gordon BennettScoutmaster  Troop 106   2009 
Alvin BergsohnFamily, Friends, Baseball & Comics: September 11, 20012003*
Albert Betrolone Scoutmaster1994*
Rita Lynn BinderDedicated Leader2006 
Blondie’s Treehouse Friends of The Kohler Association1993 
Arthur H. Brace District Camping Chairman1992 
Arthur W. Brace A True Brother in Every Way2002 
Mabel E. Brace Den Mother1993 
Joe BradleyYes!2013*
Bendict ‘Ben’ G. Breitung Camp Man Staff 1951-19521993 
Joseph H. Brinton Executive/Co-Founder-Suanhacky Lodge1994*
Edward A. BurnsTroop 142 Scoutmaster & Friend2013*
Ralph Calman50 Years Plus in Scouting1994*
Jay & Kathy CarresciaDedicated Scouters, Troop 80 Staten Island2005 
Dottie Cary  Beloved Friend 2007*
Robert CavagnaroScoutmaster Troop 80, Staten Island2004 
Dit Cheung Founders District Chairman 2015-2016     2019 
Constance Cicero Devoted Wife of Scouter  Peter M.Konig2019*
Bruce E. CobernDedicated Scouter and Arrowman2003 
Richard CochranSuanhacky Treasurer, Membership & Executive Secretary 1978-812009 
Kenneth CorellDedicated Scouter2003*
Tom Corola Sr.North District Camping Chairman2001*
Eileen & George Cuhaj 25 Years of Scouting, Troop & Pack 901994 
Cris CurwenGNYC Training Chairman2017 
Hedy DeBonetFounders District Scouter2016 
Jim DeBonetAss’t District Commissioner2011 
Ralph DeFalco The Scoutmaster’s Scoutmaster2008 
Joe DericcoFounders District Scouter2002*
Alfred B. Docket Jr. Pioneer District Scouter1998*
Kevin Dolce Suanhacky Lodge Advisor1997 
Irving Drillings Unit Commissioner1989*
Dr. Andrew “Ace” Eisele Friend of the Kohler Association1991 
John Henry Eisele A Friend of the Kohler Association1998*
Walter Engle Suanhacky Lodge Chief, 1952-19531994*
Tom & Monica Evans Kohler Kons2008 
Elizabeth & Hector FigueroaKohler Cooks1999 
Michael FogartyScouter2018 
Big Cliff & Little Cliff Folenius A Scouting Family1994* *
Louis Franco Scoutmaster, Sergeant Major: Retired1998*
Father Barry FrazzittaOur Padre1999 
Shirley Freilich Full of Love & Good Cheer1993*
Justice Charles W. Frossel Queens Council President & Founder1994*
Daniel GasparoScout Executive, GNYC2004 
Fred M. GervatScouter & Teacher of Queens Scouts2011 
Craig GoodmanGreat Father, Scouter & Friend of JK-SCA2018*
Peter Gramsch Scoutmaster1998*
Charles T. HagerScoutmaster2004 
Guenther ‘Gunner’ Hecht    Suanhacky Lodge Chief 1949-50 2007 
Leo Hedbavny Jr.Queens Council President2011 
Nathan Henin Scoutmaster Troop 1091989 
Peter J. Hermann Camp Man Camp Staff    1949-19551994 
Carl HertensteinA Friend and Mentor To All, A True Lifetime Scout,
In Loving Memory
Eric HertensteinSuanhacky Vigil Honor Brother, TMR Staff Man2021*
Howard S. HopkinsScoutmaster Troop 3832001*
Larry HudsonA True Scouter1993*
Frank ImossiA Camping and Caring Dad2001 
Fred JareckiBronx Camping Chairman2000*
Henry Joerz Builder Who Reaches the Stars1994*
David JosephGood Neighbor, Lovewd the Mets, Scotch & Cigars2016*
Murray Juvelier Scouting Leader1990 
Aunt Erika KathederIn Loving Memory2018*
Michael Kealey Dedicated Scoutmaster T65 Gateway District  2019*
Harald KielSuanhacky Brother2000*
Kinteycoying Lodge #4The Legacy Continues2013 
Jack & Leona KnoopsDedicated Queens Couincil Scouters For Decades2016*
Leona & Jack Knoops Gateway Scouters1994 
Al KobeHead Suanhacy Chef- No Names2010 
Frances KohlerA Campers Friend2001*
Jack Kohler Queens Camping Chairman1989*
Vincent D. Kohler A Friend of Queens Scouts2003*
Peter M. KonigA First Class Scout2018*
Richard P. & Lina W. KonigLoving Scouting Parents2018 
Richard T. KonigA First Class Scout2018 
Roy KramerFrom Scout to Scouter1994 
Ed KruzikScoutmaster2009 
Mae KruzikBeloved Wife, Mother & Veteran Scouter2004*
Michael  B. LectoraSuanhacky Lodge Adviser 2002-2005 2009 
Armand Lessard Lakeside Staff 1956-19571994*
Charlene LoiseauActive Scouting Volunteer2021 
Deacon Paul LumpkinChaplain, TMR 2000-20102010 
Rick Martin Suanhacky Lodge Supreme Chief of the Fire2019 
Muriel Mason A Friend of Scouting1989*
Eleanor MaeurerA Scouting Wife, Mother & Grandmother2005 
Diane A. MaeurerGave More To Others Than Herself, Always With God, In Scouting2005*
Robert C. MaeurerA Bicyclist, Assistant District Commissioner2005*
Donal F. McCarthy Camp Man Staff 1949-1952, Ass’t SM1990 
Lorri McGreggorDedicated Mother and Scouter2015 
Jim McKayNo Names2011 
Al MerckOne Heck of a Guy1994*
Dion McQueenNever Forgotten2006*
Harry Meyer Gateway District Chairman1991*
Jack Morgenstern Neighborhood Commissioner1989*
Mitch Morgenstern Queens Council Camping Chairman1992 
Esther Morgentstern Den Mother1997*
Muriel MorgensternBeloved Wife and Friend  2009*
Robert NattTen Mile River Camper1998 
M. Ernest Nelson Lowaneu Tuney Chapter Advisor1994*
Ron Newsam  Suanhacky Lodge Adviser- “One Who Signals With Smoke”  2008 
Nianque Chapter Suanhacky Lodge WWW#49 1964-961997*
No NamesSuanhacky Lodge Cooking Crew 1980-20132013 
Marquerite NonniPioneering Scouter2011 
Joseph Nuemann Jr. Suanhacky Lodge Advisor, 1952-19531994*
Rein OlvetDedicated Volunteer, Pathfinder District, Queens Council2015 
Richard Allen Perlman9/11/20012001*
Ines S. PerugachiFrom Your Son, Love, Ronny, Gracias Por Todo Mama2005 
Eddy PetersenA Friend and Leader2013 
Bill Phillips District Chairman1989*
John Pinezich Queens Council President1989*
Ed PinoFrom Scout to Dedicated Scouter Suanhacky Chief 1968-692009 
Ernst Pino Scoutmaster Troop 1092007 
Hindy PinoScouting Mother, Troop 1092017*
Pioneer District Queens Council 1974 – 19961997*
David Pretto An Involved Parent1991*
Randolph PrettoA Good Scout & Brother1993*
Bertha Pritchard Den Mother and Outdoor Enthusiast  2008*
John Pritchard Suanhacky Lodge Advisor1992 
Robert ProkeschDistrict Camp Staff 2007 
I. John RaithDistrict Chairman1993*
Joan Rasmusson A Friend of Scouting1989*
Jerry Reimer A Friend to All Scouts1992 
Millie & David Risueno & SonsPack 142 & Troop 1422011 
Paul “Spuds” RomainLeader, Advisor, Friend2011 
John RomanovichMover and Shaker2011 
Chuck Romero District Chairman1989*
Jose Carlos RosarioI Give My All To Scouting2016 
Norman RussakoffSuanhacky Lodge Chief of all Chiefs2015*
Denis Sackett Suanhacky Lodge Chief 1973-19741991 
Irving “Yitzel” Sackett Service To God & Country1993*
Lester & Lillian Sackett Scouting Parents1990 
Bill ScheibQueens Council Commissioner2011*
Ellen M. Scheib Beloved Wife & Mother2003*
William A. Scheib Commissioner1990*
Dorothy Schmitt Pioneer District1997*
William Schmitt Pioneer Owl1996*
Jay Schnapp Ten Mile River Scout & Staffman1990 
Mike SchulteScoutmaster Troop 1062017 
L. Roper Shamhart Suanhacky Lodge Advisor1997 
Ralph ShermanQueens Jewish Committee1989*
Hon. Michael A. SorianoMayor of Parsippany, N.J, Eagle Scout, TMR Staff Man 2020 
Andrea Smith-DacresOne Who Wears Many Hats Since 19882015 
Thomas Smith Dedicated Friend 2009 
Dennis St. Jean Queens Council Scout Executive1990 
Suanhacky Lodge Order of the Arrow Lodge #491990 
Suanhacky Lodge #49The Spirit of the Stag Lives On 1930-20132013 
John (Jack) SullivanScoutmaster Emeritus2010*
Martin I. Surks Camp Man Staff 1949-19521994 
Tantanka ChapterSuanhacky Lodge WWW #49  1969-19952021*
Hon. Edward Thompson Queens Council President1989*
Pierre Thyvaert Queens Scout Executive1989 
Joseph ‘Joe’ TotaroLarge Training Bear2018*
Andrew Tranchina Pioneer Roundtable Commissioner1992*
James ‘Jim’ TranchinaScoutmaster,East District Owl, Chief Fussball2011*
Troop 20, QueensCollege Point: Leaders Past & Present2001 
Troop 90, QueensAstoria, New York  2009 
Troop 106 QueensMiddle Village, New York2012 
Russell A. TurnerCo-Founder of Suanhacky Lodge1994*
Dan Ursomanno “It  Has To Be Fun”  Troop 80 Staten Island2007 
Dominic VagnonePioneer District Commissioner  2009*
Vito VitielloVigil Honor Brother, Dedicated Brother2005*
Frank Wallace A Friend of Scouting1991*
Theresa WallaceHelping Other People At All Times1993*
George WallacerPioneer District Scouter2000*
George A Walsh A Scouter…..Forever 2008*
Stephan Walsh We Love You2008*
Shirley B. WeinsteinFor Her Great Love of Scouting2016*
John WilliamsonScouting’s Finest1994*
Lou Winter A True Scouter2009*
Cindia WongDedicated Sister2006 
Jennifer Yee A Friend of Scouting1998*
Anthony ZalakFaithful Scouter and Son2011 
Henry Zalak A Father And Friend To All   2008 
* Indicates Induction Posthumously

Heritage Society Application

The Suanhacky Campership Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization. It is completely volunteer run, with no paid staff or trustees. Funds are raised through various activities and from donations. All donations are tax deductible. Over 90% of raised funds go to helping Queens Scouts attend summer camp. Instructions: 1. Fill out the form on link and return to Suanhacky Campership Assoc. Fill it out. Please print clearly. 2. There is a minimum donation of $150.00 (there is no limit to the donation amount) to the Suanhacky Campership Association induction membership in the Heritage Society. 3. Send application & donation payable to: Suanhacky Campership Association, 64-34 99 Street, Apt #2A,  Rego Park, NY 11374

Memorial Day Weekend 1989, the inagural Heritgae Society Induction
(L-R) Bruce Cobern, Fr, Barry Frazzitta, Kirk Henin, Bill Scheib, Mitch Morgenstern, Murray Juvelier, Jerry Reimer,(Kneeling) Denis Sackett, Pierre Thyvaert.