Our organization endeavors to keep the memory, spirit and brotherhood of Suanhacky Lodge #49 alive. Over its 83-year history, Suanhacky issued many items of memorabilia (patches, neckerchiefs, pins, hats, slides and such). Some of these were for specific events, or service, others were for outright sale. Whatever the reason these were issued, it helped to keep Scouting people familiar with Suanhacky and its purpose. Attached is a comprehensive list of just about every patch and neckerchief ever issued by Suanhacky Lodge #49 WWW. This does not have every version of all items, based on thread count, or manufacturer run, but it is all the major issues.

A debt of gratitude to our members who helped put this all together. These Scouters illustrate the true meaning of scout collecting & trading. They do it for fun, and to share with others who are interested and as a training tool. Thank you, George Cuhaj, Dick Cordes, Tom Carola Jr., Eddy Petersen, Mitch Morgenstern, Denis Sackett and Frank Rickenbaugh.

Please enjoy this page and feel free to advise us if you have items that should be included, or corrected.

If you’d like to see what we have available for sale to help expand your collection or help define a memory click on the link right here: Our Trading Post Items For Sale